Desi’s Story

I spent 15 years in as a pharmaceutical sales representative selling allergy and asthma medications to physicians for a very large pharmaceutical company.  I made over six figures, had full benefits, a retirement plan, company car, bonus incentives, went to expensive dinners, corporate sponsored sporting events, concerts and trips.  Many would say, I had “arrived” and in many respects, I did. I was a successful self-made woman own my way to get where I deserved to be in the world.

Throughout most of my life, I did exactly what was expected of me and for the most part never questioned it.  I figured career satisfaction would eventually appear if I followed the path that so many others took before me.  Well, as the years went by my level of frustration and lack of fulfillment became almost unbearable. I required a change, but felt stuck with no reasonable alternative in sight. People would tell me, “be happy you’ve got a job”, “don’t rock the boat”, “you’d be crazy to leave your job”, “you are so lucky to have that kind of job”, “it will get better” and so on.   For a long time, I listened to these well-intentioned, but misinformed people and resigned to the presumption that work was not supposed to be fun and happiness would be found in the few small pockets of time every now and then.

Day in and day out, I would be in my car alone driving from territory to territory, dropping off samples and lunches to physicians’ offices, sitting in waiting rooms, wasting time waiting for the right moment to “see” a doctor and participate in a 30 second “data dump” of medical facts, product features and statistical figures that for the most part the doctor couldn’t care less about.   It was not all bad, as I did have the privilege of meeting some great people along the way. However, it was a daily routine of interacting with miserable support staff and physicians who quickly snuffed out any ray of sunshine I attempted to bring into the office. Once the sales calls were complete for the day, I turned my attention to the never ending pile of paperwork, corporate compliance reports, mindless conference calls, pointless emails and middle management monsters routinely dictating what I could or could not say to physicians to avoid lawsuits or worse yet getting fired.   Before long, I was in a constant state of anxiety, angst and stress that left me unhappy and disempowered without a “Plan B”.   I knew there had to be a better way, but I kept coming up short with viable options.   This routine went on for years and I became depressed, sad, frustrated and angry.

Needless to say, all of the negative energy I was experiencing in my career had a major impact on my personal life.  By 2008, my marriage was suffering and it saddened me every time my daughter saw her mother so unhappy and stressed out all of the time.  My husband would tell me to quit.  My daughter would see me crying, put her hand on my shoulder and tell me, “Mommy, you should quit that job, then you will be happy”.  My physical health was being negatively impacted as well. I was always tired and suffered from low energy. My weight began to creep up on me, as well; from all of the high calorie lunches I would bring to doctor offices through out the years. I stayed in this negative situation for another 4 years, rationalizing my decision to stay stuck by foolishly asking myself, “where else can I go to be paid a six figure income, have a company car and great benefits?”

For a long time, I considered hiring a “life coach” to help me, but it took a long time to find one that I could relate to on a professional and personal level. However, one day in late 2012, a friend of mine connected me with his mindset and business coach and after an initial interview, I hired him immediately. From that point forward things started to shift for me. Through his assistance, I was able to develop a winning attitude, along with the habits, skills and mindset to empower me to carve out the life I deserved.

Health and wellness had always been a passion of mine and now with my renewed sense of purpose and intention, I associated myself with a premier wellness company that was completely aligned with my beliefs about nutrition and healthy eating. Within a week’s time of using the company’s products, I was feeling better than I had in years and my energy levels were way up. I also was able to quickly lose those pesky 10 pounds I had gained working as a pharmaceutical rep.   I felt alive again and knew this was the company I wanted to associate myself with to build my own business. In April 2013, I took the leap into free enterprise as an independent associate and it was the best career decision I ever made.

Today, I am a new person with my own business built from the comfort of my home. I have 100% control of my schedule and it is a wonderful feeling. I wake up everyday happy, grateful and excited to be working in an area that I am passionate about with the added bonus of collaborating with accomplished entrepreneurs whom have become great friends as well. I no longer dread Sunday evenings and Monday mornings overwhelmed with anxiety about the week ahead.   Gone are the days of rushing around my house struggling to get my daughter to school before I headed into a sales territory at least 20 miles from home. Or, worse yet, having to scramble around desperately trying to find someone to watch her when she was sick and not being able to take a day off from work. Those days are behind me for good and it such a liberating feeling. Now, when unexpected events come up (and they do), I am able to handle them from a place of calm full well knowing that I am in control of my own schedule and financial destiny. It is a gift I cherish and find most rewarding especially when I empower others who join my team. Are there “wall kicking moments” at times? Of course, but they are few and far between and not nearly as intense as they once were when I was an employee in a large company.

I am sharing my story to let you know that there is a better way and for those who are ready to rejuvenate and empower themselves professionally, physically and emotionally, I encourage you to reach out to me today.  You deserve to live life on your own terms and I am living proof that it can happen to anyone who is ready to commit to empower themselves now.   I look forward to connecting with you.




Desiree T. Coluzzi

Areas of Interests and Expertise

  • Master Connector
  • Expert Closer
  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and Sales


Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA – Bachelor of Science, Major: Marketing 1993

Career Summary

I have spent my entire career in sales. My first job out of college was selling credit card space to vendors at college locations across the country, and then moved to selling staffing solutions to light industrial companies. My ultimate goal was to land a sales job in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1999, I achieved the goal when I was hired as a pharmaceutical representative for a top-tier company. I spent close to 14 years selling asthma and allergy medications to physicians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although the job was financially rewarding, it left me spiritually unfulfilled and emotionally drained and in April 2013, I summoned up the courage to leave my sales position to start a new chapter in my career. I always had a passion for nutrition and healthy eating, so I aligned myself with a leading health and wellness company and never looked back. I now work from the comfort of my home and in the span of about a year; I was able to match my previous corporate sales salary. Now, I am a recognized leader on my team and earn a five figure monthly income from my business. And, here is the best part; I know my income will continue to grow as my team grows and works collectively to assist others to live healthy, happy and prosperous lives.

A Word of Wisdom

Develop a winning attitude, along with the habits, skills and mindset to empower yourself to carve out the life you deserve. Then teach others to do the same.