Mike’s Story

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Some call me a dreamer, others a big thinker, while others call me an eternal optimist.   I feel each characterization is accurate in one respect or another. The fact is that I always admired people who live life on their own terms and are successful on a grand scale, but for a long time I did not know how to develop the proper mindset to live in the same world they did…until now.    Simply out of lack of experience, I did not understand financial success was rooted in a day-to-day routine to hone skills and develop systems for success.  This lesson was learned after several unsuccessful attempts at hitting a home run pursuing some illusive, expensive and highly improbable BIG DEALS.   It was exhaustive, expensive and for the most part futile.  Fortunately, I did learn from those mistakes and understood the best way to start over was to do just that… start over but with a better game plan and understanding of what is necessary to achieve balanced and sustainable results.

My life has been very interesting, filled with lots of ups and downs.   I’ve been very fortunate to have an excellent base education in business, accounting and law that has served me very well through the years.   I spent the vast majority of my career in small business, which taught me about thriving through all types of adversity and challenges.    Through those challenges, I have gained wisdom to understand the importance of living a balanced in life with a keen focus on producing for years to come while staying happy and healthy.

All during college I worked construction to pay my way through.  After graduating with a major in accounting, I spent a few years working as an accountant for an insurance company.   Before long, I was encouraged to go to law school. I went to law school at night, while working at a law firm during the day as a law clerk.  I worked long hours with the hope something would fall into place that would set me off on a career path towards success.  Upon graduation and passing the bar exam, I found myself practicing family law and helping small businesses in a general practice law firm.   Within a relatively short period of time, I was in the thick of it.  Custody trials, domestic violence hearings, criminal sentencing hearings, divorce proceedings, business disputes.  I was up to my eyeballs in work representing people who were at the lowest point in their lives.

After a several years in the trenches, I was overweight, depressed, frustrated, in debt up to my eyeballs with school loans and asked myself the proverbial question: “Is this all there is?”  I was miserable and it showed up everywhere in my life.  My marriage was suffering and people were taking notice I was not a happy camper.   While I knew several people who were happy in their careers, doing what they “wanted” to do with their life.  I sabotaged my own happiness, by constantly telling myself that it wasn’t in the cards for me be happy in my career. However, following a lead given to me by a friend, I was given an opportunity to work as a sales representative for a leading legal publishing company.   I jumped at the chance and before long I was hitting some big sales numbers and ranking in the top ten of the national division.  It was a good period of my life without question.  Unfortunately, a shift in the economy slowed my momentum and my pipeline dried up virtually overnight.   Anxiety soon reared its ugly head and I began to panic.  Attempts were made to salvage the position, but mentally, I was “already gone” in search for the next opportunity.    In the back of my mind, I wanted to be my own boss.   The problem was that I had not yet developed the mindset to be an entrepreneur.  I was applying employee minded principles to entrepreneurial ideas and it created a jumbled mess in my mind.

By the summer of 2003, the real estate market was really heating up and in September of that year, I partnered up with some family members to buy my first investment property.  Within two months, I left my job and was working full-time in the real estate business.   From that point forward, I began to understand what it meant to be “psychologically unemployable”. Over the next several years the business grew on a steady stream of remodeling projects, house flips, and residential development.   Well, we all know what happened next… 2008 hit and all bets were off.  The housing market collapsed and all that had been built up over the past 5 years was quickly gone by the wayside. It was huge economic and personal loss.  I found myself scratching my head trying to figure out what to do next.  In the meantime, I also was packing on the pounds weighing in at close to 220 pounds on a small 5’ 8” frame.  I was on the “husky” side to say the least. I exercised on a fairly regular basis, but exercise with poor eating habits is futile.  I also had the mistaken idea that as I grew older, weight gain was inevitable. I also bought into all the other rationalizations people use to excuse their weight gain: it was in my genetic make-up; I loved food too much, blah, blah, blah.  These were all excuses I would tell myself, plus I had a lack of understanding of the benefits of healthy eating habits.

It was a difficult time, but through adversity people build character.  I was no exception and during that process of rebuilding I was first introduced to the power of self-development.  I was given the book “Psychology of Achievement” written by Brian Tracy and it was a life changer for me.    Finally, I was able to put things in perspective about my personal development that had previously kept me stuck.  Through personal development, I was able a strong sense of self-worth, the importance of building and maintaining a strong level of self-esteem and the absolute requirement to allow myself the opportunity to be successful on my own terms and not what someone else’s version on how my life should be played out.    I also totally regained control of my weight and physical health.   I released over 40 pounds and have been able to keep it off for over four years.   Much of my on-going success is attributed to my wife, Desiree who assisted to make the necessary life-style changes, better food choices and following a natural nutritional cleansing system.   I have never been in better shape since I was on the high school wrestling team way back in the late 1980’s.

On the career front, I have been blessed to enjoy a successful career as an attorney, small business owner and entrepreneur. I pride myself as a “student of the game” particularly in the areas of self-development, sales, business development, marketing and entrepreneurship.  I surround myself with business leaders, mentors and business coaches who consistently provide me with value and insight on proven business strategies and tactics to minimize “trading time for dollars” and maximize leverage by utilizing the power and experience of others and generating income through a variety of sources.

We are fortunate to be living in an era that is perfectly suited for small business owners to carve out their own destiny and live life.  I am grateful to have arrived at a point in my career, wherein I am particularly well positioned to continue down this pathway to success and seek to collaborate with as many people as possible who are wealth motivated, health conscious, self-directed and most importantly coachable to capitalize on such a thriving market. If my story resonates with you, then I encourage you to reach out to me to see how we might collaborate with each other to achieve financial prosperity and ongoing physical health. I look forward to connecting to you!


Michael J. Coluzzi, Esq.


Areas of Interest and Expertise:

  • Small business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Internet Marketing
  • Real Estate Law and Real
    Estate Investing.


LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA – Bachelor of Science, Major:
Accounting, 1992
Widener University School of Law, Wilmington, DE – Juris Doctorate, 1998

Career Summary

Over the course of my 20 + year career, I have been a successful real estate investor and custom homebuilder. I have also been a top outside salesperson for the world’s largest legal publishing company and an attorney who has represented many private clients in the areas personal injury, family law, real estate, land use and zoning matters. I have also served as legal counsel to over 10 municipalities in Southern New Jersey. All of these collective experiences have provided me with great income opportunities, business experience and life lessons. However, nothing has been more rewarding than my latest venture working along side of my wife, Desiree, and other amazing leaders as we assist people to transform themselves physically and financially through a tested and proven system to achieve a balanced, healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

Desiree and I started our company, Health, Wealth and Fit, after she had a great product experience with a top-notch Health and Wellness Company and we realized that happy life is a balanced life achieved through optimal health and financial prosperity. From that moment on, we have dedicated our lives to helping others learn simple, duplicable systems to achieve their ultimate life.

A Word of Wisdom

Surround yourself with business leaders, mentors and business coaches who consistently provide value and insight on proven business strategies and tactics to minimize “trading time for dollars” and maximize leverage and generating income through a variety of sources.